Its location in the heart of Slovenia makes Bogenšperk Castle an excellent place for hiking in all directions of the sky. Adventure with a bike, caravan, motorcycle or on foot awaits for you.

Along the main regional road to Lower Carniola, the path will take you past Primskova gora to Šentvid pri Stični and the land of Jurčič and Stična Abbey. If you take the path straight to the Sava River, we invite you to visit the ancient Vače and extend your trip from Šmartno pri Litiji to the geometric center of Slovenia. Along all these well known roads, there are more hidden adventures waiting for you. Experience them by discovering nature, cultural heritage or meeting hospitable people of the Municipality of Šmartno pri Litiji.

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Groups can order a castle tour by phone +386 1 8987 867, +386 41 703 992 or e-mail: info@bogensperk.si.


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Javni zavod Bogenšperk, Bogenšperk 5, 1275 Šmartno pri Litiji, Slovenija
Tel. grad: +386 1 898 76 64, Tel. uprava: +386 1 898 78 67, Mob: +386 41 703 992, E-mail: info@bogensperk.si



ODRASLI: 4,50 EUR, ODRASLI (nad 20 oseb): 4,00 EUR, Animiran ogled: 6,00 EUR
Otroci, dijaki, študentje: 3,50 EUR, Upokojenci: 4,00 EUR