Javorje and the Javorje energetic path

Javorje (1,837 feet), a small serried village with a parish church of the Assumptionf of Mary, lies just a few kilometers above Bogenšperk Castle. Tourism is kept alive by active locals and the Cultural and Arts Society Javorje, who arranged a marked Panoramic walking path that leads to the viewing tower on Felič vrh. The Badjur Circular Trail also passes the tower. By the panoramic road, stands also the Uduč farm which grows a plantation of blueberries and raspberries, however, starting in May it will also provide overnight accommodation. Nearby you can also find the Javorje energetic path with seven energetic points, a pond and a spring of drinkable water. Every year at Christmas, the locals prepare a living nativity scene and diversify social events in the nearest and more distant surroundings. The May meeting of the municipality also takes place in Javorje.

Primskova gora

On the conical peak of Primskova gora, you can see the rich architectural heritage from different periods of history. The triple defensive wall against Turks, whose remains are still visible today, was so powerful Turks were never able to break inside. In the middle of the camp, three churches attract attention. Primskovo is also recognizable after Jurij Humar (1819-1890), a priest, famous homeopath and a miracle man, who is also buried next to the church. He was able to cure any disease and treated people in need of help from near and far. Those who visit Primskovo like to stop at his grave, for it is said you can still feel positive vibrations. Primskova gora provides a beautiful view across Slovenia – big part of Carniola, Inner Carniola and Julian Alps towards north – therefore, it is an ideal tourist destination, especially for one day trips.

To the Jablaniška Valley

The Jablaniška Valley is known after the traditional Hike along its valley. In April, many farms and ecological farmhouses along the path are revived and you may taste natural treats produced by many kind locals. The walking path is well marked, therefore, you may take a hike practically anytime, even with a bike. During the trip, you may take a look at the Church of Saint Mary Magdalene, which was renovated according to the plans of Jože Plečnik. You can also visit the exhibition at the Samec homestead of memories. On the way you can stop by at their neighbors, the organic farm of the Vovk family, where you can take a tour of the farm and herbal garden and enjoy tasting seasonal harvest. At the end of the valley, by the beautiful mill powered by clear water, on the spot of five borders waits the inn Pustov mlin that will serve you fish prepared in a unique way.

Country of honey under the Kamplov hrib hill

Kamplov hrib (2,349 feet above sea level) is the highest peak in the Municipality of Šmartno pri Litiji. Take a walk along the educational beekeeping path that will take you past farms under the Kmplov hrib hill. The educational path stretches from the area of Dragovšek, leads past tidy homestead »Blaj«, across an interesting forest and past two beekeepers: ecologic beekeeper Ladislav Vozelj and the »Dremelj« beekeeping, which are both renowned, not just in Slovenia but abroad as well, for breeding protected Carniolan queen bees. The path brings wonderful views across tidy farms and homesteads that provide catering and tourist offers. For a delicious meal, head to Velika Štanga, to the tourist farm Na Hribčku or to the inn Pri Janezu, however, in between you can take time and also check the famous pilgrimage church of the Saint Anthony of Padua.

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