Valvasor's view of nature

In The Glory of the Duchy of Carniola Valvasor preserved many descriptions of animate and inanimate nature and in Iconotheca Valvasoriana volume 18 (Plants and animals in Carniola, 2004) he left rich visual material of plants and animals. The exhibition presents fields (speleology, paleontology, botany, zoology, forestry, agriculture, beekeeping, hunting, fishing, etc.), which he wrote about and researched many of them himself. We especially pointed out some of the Slovenian features such as Valvasor's famous description of dormouse hunting, bear hunting and fishing in the intermittent Cerknica Lake. The castle exhibition is complemented by a tour with Valvasor outside in the nature around Bogenšperk castle, where you can learn about different trees and shrubs with the help of interactive identification keys. In summer it is possible to pick plants once used also by Valvasor and save them in Valvasor's herbarium folder.

The exhibition was made possible by the Public Institute Bogenšperk, Technical Museum of Slovenia, Ministry of Culture, National Education Institute and the Slovenian Forest Service.