Scenes of Human Death

In the time of his graphics company he established at Bogenšperk, Valvasor published seven works, four topographic and three art monographs. Of the latter, the last published work of art was Theatrum mortis humanae tripartitum (Scenes of Human Death, Bogenšperk, 1682), for which they designed and printed graphic depictions or copperwork at Bogenšperk, while the text was printed by Janez Krstnik Mayr von Mayregg, a printer from Ljubljana. Theatrum mortis humanae tripartitum is a religious and morally didactic work in three parts, which talks about death and transience of life.

The main exhibit, Valvasor's newly acquired book, uncovers the spirit of the time in which the work was created.

The aspect that presents Valvasor as an artist can be seen in his three works of art, but is often overlooked when we study his life.

The exhibition was made upon the return of the original book to Bogenšperk castle, on June 9th 2010. It was made possible by the Public Institute Bogenšperk, Technical Museum of Slovenia and Ministry of Culture.