Copper printery

Valvasor was one of the first printers in Carniola and also the first to bring copper printing to our region, which was highly developed in Germany and the Netherlands back then. Cooper printing business at Bogenšperk went on for 11 years, from 1678 to 1689. Valvasor's graphic works are exhibited in two rooms. In the first room, a special construction allows visitors to take a look at the presentation of publications printed at Bogenšperk (altogether there were nine different copper printed works, 6 topographic and 3 of religious content). The second part of the collection is situated in the printing workshop that looks just like it did in the times of Valvasor's presence in the castle. The central exhibit is a copy of a rotary printing press (the original is kept in Mainz), which may be used by the visitors to print the image of Bogenšperk or Ljubljana from 300 years ago, if you give notice in advance. The process of preparation and print implementation in the workshop are also shown.