Cartographic collection

Renewed Slovenian CARTOGRAPHIC COLLECTION at Bogenšperk castle.

The Slovenian cartographic collection is the central museum presentation of this profession in Slovenia.

It shows the evolution of land surveying, geodesy and cartography in Slovenia and in wider global context from ancient times to the present. The collection was designed and set up by the Association of Surveyors of Slovenia in cooperation with the Technical Museum of Slovenia. The collection was first opened for public in 1987 at Bogenšperk castle. It was partly renewed in 2006.

The original layout of the collection is complemented with the missing period of the development of the profession in the past two decades and is updated with multimedia and interactive computer presentation. The collection is exhibited in three rooms on the second floor on the south side and in a specially rearranged corridor that leads to the lookout tower. One hundred and twenty meters long exhibition with more than 400 items, mostly copies, the most valuable exhibits are original maps and surveying instruments from the 19th and early 20th century.